Thursday, February 23, 2012

Giada is coming to town.

Holy smokes, I’m excited!  Recently I found out that my celebrity food idol ~ Giada de Laurentiis ~ is coming to the Allentown Wegmans (grocery store) for a book signing.  

Her new cookbook “Weeknights with Giada” is being released on March 27th and she will be here to autograph copies on the 29th.  Therefore, the Lehigh Valley is one of her first stops on the book tour.   

Bottom line - I REALLY want to meet her, so here’s the plan… The vouchers will be available this coming Monday at 9am at the store.  Since that is obviously school time, I will be sending my retired father, coffee in hand, to pick up the voucher for me.  With a little bit of bribing, plus a bottle of wine, he said he would do it.  Granted…he hasn’t a clue who Giada even is!

I will let you know the verdict on Monday…keep your fingers (and toes) crossed!  

On the running front -- Last night after school I did the longest run (distance-wise) since I started training again…9 miles.  For me, it’s very hard to get into “long run motivation mode” after a day in the classroom, but it was unseasonably warm outside (61 degrees when I left my house at 4:00 pm) and it felt good.   

It's always a pleasant surprise when I end up running faster than I set out to do, covering nine in 1:08.  I finished up the final mile in 7:08.

After stretching and walking a bit, I came inside and poured myself a nice glass of chocolate milk prior to hitting the shower.  

Tomorrow I am going to aim for a 5 -6 mile progression run.  For the rest of the week?  My plan is to take off on Friday, an easy 5 on Saturday, and then a mile repeat/tempo workout with Jesse on Sunday. 

Have a great Thursday!


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