Monday, July 23, 2012

Beach: Poolside

Greetings from New Jersey!  Today has been a very relaxing day here in Diamond Beach, NJ.  Pretty much, I woke up, ran, and relaxed.

This morning's five miler was decent.  I ran an out and back course to the beginning of the boardwalk and back.  Going out, I hit 2.5 miles in 19:27 and coming back, I covered the same distance in 17:41 for a total of 37:08.  For some reason, the picture of my watch got all steamed up when I went outside to take the photo after being in the AC.  

After my run and breakfast, we headed to the pool{s}.  Here at Seapointe, there are several pools to choose from, and the girls love it!

Here's Fred and me...relaxing in the water.  I am kind of weird with the sun....I wear a hat at all times!

The girls talked me into going down the little pool slide...

Very fun!  Now we are off to get some ice cream!  Hope you had a great day...


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