Friday, July 6, 2012

A Twitter Oops and a Soon to Be New Blog

Good afternoon!  It's another hot and humid day here in eastern PA and we just headed outside to hang out by the pool.  This morning was very productive starting with an easy 3 mile run.  I went a little longer yesterday {4.5 miles} so I decided to take it easy today.  Plus, the Achilles was a little sore.  

After my run, I headed over to yoga for a Core Flow class with Carrie.  Lauretta and I were talking the other day...they really make us work our butts off at yoga...literally!  It was also Lauretta's last day of yoga before her move tomorrow.  It was sad and there were a few tears shed during Savasana.  :(

Last night I started the process of converting my blog {which is now hosted by Google's Blogger} over to WordPress.  Being a novice blogger in the beginning, I started with Blogger.  But now I wish I would have started with WordPress initially, now that I have learned a little bit about the cyber/blogging world.  Plus, I would like to move in the direction of a premium theme for my baby blog.  By doing so, I will have more options and the flexibility to be more creative with the look and feel of the site itself.  

One big ooops happened:

ALL of my posts were somehow sent to Twitter when I was exporting them from Blogger.  Oh my goodness, there were 168 of them all in a row...and when I saw them, I quickly apologized to all of my Tweeps on Twitter. 

But as we know, bad things can turn into good, so I am hoping that I will be able to figure all of this new stuff out on WordPress and create an even better, more attractive and visually appealing blog.   

I have a few questions for all of you blog followers:

1) Is a minimalistic look more appealing rather than a blog that has lots of information, words, and columns?

2) Do you tend to stay on a blog with lots of colors, or are you more into cleaner and simpler designs with lots of white space?

Any comments and suggestions would be great!  Have a wonderful day!

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