Friday, August 31, 2012

Half and Mile Repeat Workout


On Wednesday evening I met Jesse at the Nor-Bath trail, a local Rails to Trails path that is located about ten minutes north of where I live.  {This is the same path that I took Willsey to back in the spring}.


The goal was to do some half mile and mile repeats at tempo pace.  Based on my two mile XC race last Friday, he figured that I should run the 800s between 3 - 3:10, and the miles around 6:20 - 6:30.  I felt pretty good throughout the workout, but I knew my body was working hard to maintain those paces at this point in my training.  The way we figure, I am not far off of where I was back in the spring when I was pretty sharp.   

Here's what we did:

2 x 800 – 3:03.7 {1:10 rest}, 3:07.5 {1:15 rest}
2 x 1 mile – 6:20.8 {2:15 rest}, 6:26.7 {2:15 rest}
1 x 800 – 3:02.6 {1:15 rest}
2 x 400 – 85.2 {1:15 rest}, 88.5

He broke the last 800 up into two 400s to end the session on a faster note.  

For these intervals, we ran a one-mile portion of the trail, going back and forth, primarily because Jesse knew that this specific mile was accurate.  We believe that the second of each interval distance {the second 800, the second mile and the last two 400s} were run going slightly uphill.  Plus, the finish of the 400’s was estimated and could have been slightly off.  

For distance, I ran close to seven miles total.  I started with at least a mile and a half warm-up, including strides and drills, and ended with a very short one mile cool down, since I had to get home for dinner with the fam.   

Between all of the Achilles tendonitis issues and school starting, I feel like I have been making an {extra} concentrated effort to increase mileage.  I'm also trying to add in at least one HIIT workout per week.  As the weeks progress into the fall, I have a few races in mind and I will be planning my racing schedule in the very near future.   

Afterwards, I was relieved it was over.  Workouts are always tough in the midst of running hard, but it sure does feel good to have them done and checked off the list.  

I am off today for the Labor Day holiday and I plan to relax and hang with Willsey while my kids and husband are at school.  Their district is open, mine is closed.  Ha!  A nice, quiet house for me.  A five mile run in a few minutes and a trip to the chiropractor will round out my day.   


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  1. What is a HIIT workout? Hard intervals in trainers? I've honestly never heard that term before, and I've done my fair share of workouts over the years!