Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Hard Day at the Pool!


This morning I hit the pool for another workout.  Jesse met up with me again and I have to say...I am officially exhausted.  Today's session was {by far} the hardest yet.  He definitely increased both the distances and the paces compared to what I was doing the last week or two...and I feel it.  Phew!  He even took a few pictures for the blog!  

The workout consisted of a pyramid, starting with 100 yards, topping out at 200 yards, and then coming back down.  He wanted the pace coming back down to be faster than I swam in the beginning.  For example, the second 125 of the workout was to be faster than the first time I did it earlier on.  To finish, he had me do some fast 50s, alternating freestyle and kick boarding.    
Here's the workout:

10 min warm up

100y 1:52 - 45 sec rest
125y 2:24 - 1:00 rest
150y 2:53 - 1:15 rest
175y 3:24 - 1:30 rest
200y 3.53 - 1:45 rest
175y 3:19 - 1:30 rest
150y 2:50 - 1:15 rest
125y 2:19 - 1:00 rest
100y 1:52 - 1:30 rest50

(25 "easy" and 25 fast...all on 45 sec rest)
50y free 48.8
50y kick 57.8
50y free 47.7
50y kick 58.6
50y free 46.1
50y kick 56.4

150y easy cool down

Even though it seems like it would be easy, the kick board really works your thighs and hip flexors, which is particularly important for runners.   

When I got home, I took a short nap and now I am ready to tackle today's events: cleaning and organizing my daughter's room {i.e. trying on old clothes to see what still fits} and getting her ready for her dance dress rehearsal.

Have a great day!


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