Saturday, June 2, 2012

Interesting Bike Ride!


It's Saturday and I am sure glad that the weather is nice.  After last night's storms and tornado warnings, today has turned out to be delightful...breezy, a tad on the cool side and some sun.  

I started out my morning with a bike ride to compensate for not being able to run.  I have to say, I am starting to get "antsy."  Cross-training is great...don't get my wrong...but it takes a little more time and effort to organize the workouts.  Running is so simple...grab a pair of shoes, a watch, and you're out the door!

As I said the other day, I dug my bike out from the back of the garage and I am not lying when I say it had cobwebs all over it.  The bike is pretty cool and when I got it, I paid good money for it so I was excited to meet up again, so to speak.  

I also had this little holder attached to hold a water bottle.  Of course, the regular plastic water bottles that I buy by the case wouldn't fit, so I had to use my daughter's aluminum bottle that was covered with animals wearing tiaras.   Jesse thought it was dorky, but hey...it was all I had! 

I also pulled this biking skirt out of my closet.  This, too, hasn't been out for a few years and it fit perfectly!  

Back to the bike ride.  I met Jesse at Moravian bright and early and we headed down to the canal tow path.  We thought it would be soft, flat, and obviously there would be no cars to deal with.   

Starting from Moravian, we probably rode around 10 miles before our mishaps began.  First, Jesse hit some type of a metal wire and it punctured a hole right through his tire.  The good part was that it was lodged in the tire and he was able to at least ride it without too much air escaping.  At that point, we were about 3 miles from my parents' house {where my daughter was anyway} so I suggested we head there.  As we began our descent to their home, the chain on my bike started to come off of the track and I couldn't get it in gear.  Fortunately I was able to ride the bike enough to make it back.  My goodness, within a matter of 10 minutes...both bikes were down for the count.    

My cousin {Ricky} lives along the river and the area where he lives was flooded because of last night's storms.  He wasn't home so I couldn't say hello.

We made it back to my parents' house and my dad gave us rides back...him to Moravian and me to my house.  Geez...what a morning!  

On another note, I forgot to include this picture of my favorite room mom's from the party the other day.  I love these ladies and I sure do hope that we are together again next year!

Finally, I'm thinking that I haven't posted any recipes lately, so I have to work on something over the next day or two...stay tuned!  Plus, Fred comes home after three days away at Penn State so I am excited for his arrival!

Enjoy your Saturday!


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  1. I put a voodoo curse on you today, of you would start inviting me to swim/run/fish with you, you wluldnt have experienced all of these mishaps!