Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Swimming Longer and Longer...


This morning I hit the pool again for my longest {and hardest} workout yet.  I am completely exhausted now, but I keep on hoping that these pool sessions will do the trick to keep my fitness level up and my tendonitis inflammation down.  

{Not the best picture...}

Payton came with me again and it is so hard for her not to go in the water.  A little bribery never hurts, so I promised some frozen yogurt later if she was a good girl while I was swimming.  Worked like a charm!!  Fred wants to join us too...
We started out with a pyramid with increasing distances, but increasing rests.  These intervals were not supposed to be “all-out,” and they were a warm-up for the 5 x 200s that were to come.  The 200s were to get increasingly faster after each one with the same amount of rest.

After the 200s, Jesse had me do a long swim for added distance to the workout.  These 16 laps were not timed and I did them at a comfortable pace.  Finally, we ended with some fast 50s and 25s, each getting faster than the one before.  If you couldn’t tell, he’s big on those progressive-type intervals and I actually like the challenge.  

Here's the workout:

150 warm up

100y - 1:52.2 {30 sec rest}
125y - 2:22.7 {45 sec rest}
150y - 2:51.3 {1:00 rest}
175y - 3:23.6 {1:15 rest}

5 x 200 {each getting progressively faster at 1:30 rest}
200y - 3:51.6
200y - 3:46.7
200y - 3:42.6
200y - 3:35.5
200y - 3:33.3

2:00 rest

Long swim: 400y (not timed)

2:00 rest

3 x 50  {each getting progressively faster at 1:00 rest}
50y - 48.1
50y - 46.6
50y - 45.5

3 x 25 {each getting progressively faster at 1:00 rest}
25y - 20.5
25y - 21.0
25y - 18.9

100 cool down

I have to say, I've definitely surprised myself in the water.  As I said before, I never considered myself a “swimmer” and these sessions are probably the longest I’ve ever done in my life.  I can tell that my upper body is getting stronger and my body is adjusting nicely to these water workouts.  I sometimes even find myself looking forward to them! 

Tomorrow, I may try to run in the morning.  Over the weekend I attempted 2 to 3 miles and it wasn’t good, so I stopped.  I’m going to give it another try to see how it feels.  In the evening, Lauretta and I are hitting Laurel’s Yoga Core Flow class at The Yoga Loft of Bethlehem.  I’m definitely looking forward to that!! 

Have a great day!


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  1. quasi cosmic cosmoJune 19, 2012 at 7:37 PM

    What a great looking workout. I actually did something very similar to this today, mind you watered down a bit because i was short on time. I tried to hit your times but to no avail.