Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swimming and Some Coffee

Good morning, everyone!

I hope you're having a good day so far.  Yet again, I went over to the pool for a workout earlier but I decided to not run since this weekend, running is the only thing I will be able to do at the cabin.  For workouts, I'm thinking that this week will look like this:

Today: Swim
Wednesday: Swim and run
Thursday: Swim
Friday - Sunday: Run

Again....this is what I HOPE to accomplish!! 

I'm also hoping to sneak in a yoga session at some point, but that may not happen.  We'll see...

So for today's workout, Jesse had me do about a mile and a half worth of pool time.  I was pretty tired after some of the intervals because not only is the distance increasing, but I am getting faster as well.  

Workout du jour: 

150y warm-up
6 x 50y as part of the warm-up on 15 seconds rest {not timed}

Set One:
100y - 1:44.9 {1:00 rest}
2 x 25y - 19.79, 22.01  {30 seconds rest}
100y - 1:44.6  {1:00 rest}
100y - 1:43.5 

2 minutes rest

Set Two:
150y - 2:45.6  {1:15 rest}
2 x 25y - 20.6, 22.3 {30 seconds rest}
150y - 2:43.8 {1:15 rest}
150y - 2:43.2 

2 minutes rest

Set Three:
200y - 3:43.1  {1:30 rest}
2 x 25y - 20.2, 22.2 {30 seconds rest}
200y - 3:39.2 {1:30 rest}
200y - 3:37.6 

2 minutes rest

400y swim / Cool down {not timed}

The purpose of the two short 25 yards in the middle of each set was to make me a little more tired when completing the final two intervals.  It worked!  I was really exhausted...especially after the first set.  I think I eventually got into my groove and just plowed through the rest of the session.  I really like swimming 200s...call me crazy!

Now as I type this...I am enjoying a delicious cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee and I just devoured some Greek yogurt with fruit.  That's the one thing about swimming...I have a ferocious appetite after the workouts!  

All you runners...what do YOU think of cross-training, such as swimming?  Have you ever tried anything else besides running?

Enjoy your day!  



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  1. I stick mostly with running. Long distances.