Monday, June 25, 2012

A Family Wedding

Hello!  I finally had a moment to post on my blog because the past two days have been filled with running, swimming, errands and housework, and....a wedding!

Yesterday, our family headed to Ephrata, Pennsylvania for my husband's niece's wedding.  The girls were so excited because neither of them have ever been to a big wedding before.  They each got new dresses and shoes and they were set! 

The ceremony was held at a nice church in a residential neighborhood.  Emily {the bride} was telling us that she had to buy and refurbish an old dresser to use as an alter since this particular religious denomination doesn't have an alter in the front of the church.  She decorated it with simple flowers, along with the cords that were used in the cord ceremony.

We had a chance to take some photos before the ceremony so here is one of my daughter and me...

Emily looked so beautiful!  Both her dad and stepdad walked her down the isle.  You know, I can never figure out how to get a perfect picture of the bride walking.  If anyone has any tips...I would love to hear them!

When all attention is drawn to the bride, I like to look at the groom.  It's amazing to see the complete adoration and love in his face as he sees his bride emerge from the back of the church.

Afterwards, we posed for a few photos while waiting for the bride and groom to come outside. 

Beth {my fav sister-in-law} and I got together for a pic too!

The bride and groom left the church in a vintage car that said "Just Married" on the back.  It was adorable!

The reception was held at The Inn at Leola, which was a short drive from the church.  The place was a perfect combination of old and new which is my kind of style.  

While inside, we had beverages and appetizers.  We stood around this little table for most of the cocktail hour and it was fun just chatting with Fred's family since we don't get to see them too much.

Emily is a big Pinterest fan so many of her ideas for the wedding were taken from that website.  For example...she made this picture/chalk board out of an old window and she used it to display the evening's menu.

The table settings were gorgeous and she got the idea for these centerpieces from Pinterest as well.  Beth told me that Fred's brother cut all of the wood that served as the base.  {I was playing with that selective color setting on my camera again.}

For dinner, we had roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and stuffing and vegetables.  

There were two flavors within the different layers of the cake and we all shared the slices among our table so everyone got to try each one...red velvet and white cake with chocolate chip.  

After dinner, we danced and danced until it was time to go home.  Shortly after our ride home began, the girls were asleep and Fred and I were talking to each other to stay awake.  Everything was simple and elegant and we had a wonderful time celebrating the marriage of Emily and Kurt. 

This morning, we were all feeling a little groggy, but I mustered out of bed to do another three mile run before hitting the pool.  My last mile was quite a surprise.  I felt like I was moving...but I didn't think I was moving 6:31/mile fast!    

After my run, the girls and I met Jesse at the local pool for a workout and Payton was able to swim around this time so that totally kept her occupied.  Today's workout consisted of some longer intervals and swims since I haven't been in the pool for two days. 

Here's what we did:  

150y warm up

3 x 200y, with a new interval to begin every 4:45
#1) 3:43.8
#2) 3:43.4
#3) 3:41.05

2:00 rest

300y swim, not timed

2:00 rest

3 x 150y, with a new interval to begin every 3:30
#1) 2:45.6
#2) 2:39.55
#3) 2:37.69

2:00 rest

350y swim, not timed

2:00 rest

3 x 100y, with a new interval to begin every 2:15
#1) 1:45.8
#2) 1:43.4
#3) 1:43.4

2:00 rest

400y swim, not timed {includes cool down}

So now that this post is getting insanely long, I should better go and get dinner together.  I hope you have a great night! 


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