Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swimming and Counting Down the Days...

Phew!  It’s been another crazy busy day!  This is the last week of school so every day is jammed packed full of parties, awards ceremonies, room cleaning, report cards, and all of the end of the school year details that need to be taken care of before leaving for the summer.  I’m feeling like I haven’t stopped since Monday hit, which makes me even more ready for Friday. 

This morning, I started my day with a trek to the pool to do a swimming workout.  I always love how I feel after those workouts are complete.  My body feels tired, but calm and relaxed.  There’s something about the water that is soothing to my muscles.  Plus, I hit the sauna and hot tub after the workout for a reward.  That’s the best part!  Jesse wanted to mix things up a bit, so here is what I did.  Note the underwater swimming intervals.  I wasn’t too efficient on those since I had to come up for air about 4 times!  

Here’s the workout:

10 minute warm-up

4 x 100 (#2 & 4 not freestyle) with 30 seconds rest in between each

1 minute rest

3 x 200 (all freestyle) each one getting fast with 1 minute rest in between each

1 minute rest

4 x 100 (#2 & 4 not freestyle) with 30 seconds rest in between each

1 minute rest

3 x 25 underwater swim with 45 seconds in between each

1 minute rest

4 x 25 FAST! with 45 seconds rest in between each

200 yard cool down

Jesse wrote the workout with 2 minutes rest in between each set, but I shortened it to only 1 minute rest due to the amount of time I had to complete it, plus I wanted five minutes to sit in the steam room and hot tub.  We concentrated on some longer intervals since I am getting stronger in the water.  I am anxious to see if all of this swimming has paid off when I eventually start to run. 

Also, yesterday I was pulled by my friends at school,{kicking and screaming} to the Chinese Buffet for lunch.  Since we had an extended lunch, we all headed over to have an Asian feast.  I don’t normally eat that kind of food, but I have to say…it was delicious!  Good thing I am still burning some calories in the water!

On the docket for tomorrow...the second to last day of school for me and my first physical therapy session.  Hopefully they will give me some stretches and exercises to help heal my Achilles tendonitis super quick!  I hope you have a wonderful evening!




  1. Swimming is one thing I wish I could do better. Good for you! Oh, and congrats on surviving the last week of school! Every year, I feel like a champ when I've gotten through that week.

    1. I never thought of myself as a swimmer...but surprisingly, I am really enjoying it! I take it that you're a teacher too!?!? :)