Saturday, June 23, 2012

BrewWorks Date Night and Three Miles

So far, I have been lazy.  There is so much that I could be doing around the house, but I just don't feel like doing any of it!  Ever get that feeling??  

Last night, Fred and I had a date night and we hit the Bethlehem BrewWorks.  This place is always sentimental to us since it was where we ate on our first date.  Since we had no kids, we trekked downtown for a relaxing night out.  

We started with an order of their Brewschetta and a carafe of red sangria.  This beverage came as a recommendation from the bus boy at The Edge from a few night's ago.

Fred ordered a NY Strip Steak with a piece of spicy corn on the cob.  It was cooked to perfection!

I ordered the Chicken Lettuce Wraps from the appetizer menu as my meal with a spicy Apricot Chipotle sauce on the side.  I ate one out of the three wraps on my plate and brought the rest home because I was full from the appetizer and sharing part of Fred's meal.   

We had such a nice and relaxing evening.  After dinner, we came home and watched Jennifer Aniston's Wanderlust movie.  I have to say...I wasn't a fan.

This morning, I got up and opted to go for a run.  Before I headed out the door, I went on the Stairmaster for about 8 minutes to warm-up the Achilles.  This little trick has helped ease the pain on morning runs.

I was able to run three miles.  I felt it during the first mile or so, but then it was great!  Don't be fooled by the pace on the watch.  My third mile was run in 7:49 and the last tenth of a mile was quicker {7:08 pace}.  

I think tomorrow I will shoot for another three and then gradually pick up the mileage throughout next week if it feels well.  

Finally, for lunch today I took last night's chicken and lettuce and made myself a sandwich with Cooper Sharp cheddar cheese and toasted bread.  It was delicious!

Ok...I guess I should become productive and do some laundry...or something...

Have a great day!


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