Friday, June 15, 2012

Run. Swim. Eat. Photo. Groom. Pick.

TGIF!  My day was extremely busy and I felt like I went from one thing to the next {hence the title of this post.} 

I kicked it off with a run, bright and early.  My PT, John, granted me permission to try to run one whole mile!  I know it wasn’t much, but I was super excited to hit the roads again.  

Since the first half-mile of my run was uphill, I expected a little pain.  I have to say, I felt pretty good!  There was a slight ache in the Achilles area, and when I returned, I promptly stretched and iced like normal.  

Willsey was checking out what was going on from the other side of the door.  

Next up…swimming.  My daughter and I met Jesse at a local pool for another swimming session.  This time, he decided to shorten the distances and increase the paces.  I felt really good and was dipping below the times he anticipated me to swim. 

Here’s the workout:

Warm-up 100y

9 x 50y {15 sec rest} 
Freestyle for 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8 between 49 – 53 seconds
Kick board on 3, 6, & 9 at about 65 second pace

-2 min rest –

 2 x 100
100y 1:47.7 (45 sec rest)
100y 1:47.2 (45 sec rest)

6 x 125 {except for the one where I miscounted laps and swam longer!!} at 45 seconds rest:
125y 2:17.5
125y 2:18.66
125y 2:15.20
125y 2:15.6
*150y 2:44.0 (2:15.8 thru 125) (1:00 rest)
125y 2:11.69

-2 min rest –

Decreasing pyramid at 50 seconds rest
100y 1:47.70
75y 1:15.8
50y 47.75

6 x 25 FAST! at 50 seconds rest
25y swim 20.04
25y kick 26.16
25y swim 20.22
25y kick 25.60
25y swim 19.48
25y kick 24.43

100y cool down

After swimming, Payton and I took Willsey to his first-ever grooming appointment.  He was excited to go for a ride in the car, but he immediately put the skids on as we entered the doggie salon.  Poor little guy!  We had a few hours to kill until we picked him up, so we decided to hit a new frozen yogurt place called Euro Yogurt.  

The inside was pretty funky and we sat in this little nook that was situated in the front store window.  

Payton ordered low fat cake batter yogurt with blueberries and I ordered a yummy pomerasberry tart yogurt.  Both were really good and we decided we would go back again.  

Since Father’s Day is Sunday, we had a few gifts to pick up so we hit downtown Bethlehem as our first stop.  When we parked, we spotted Ferrous and Fifi, the mascots of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, our local AAA baseball team {an affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies}.  Of course, we had stop for a photo op!  They’re adorable!

Soon it was time to pick Willsey up at the groomer and when we got there…he got a bad report.  Poor Willey was scared to death of the hair dryer and constantly tried to scoot off of the table.  But as they say…it takes work to be beautiful and I thought he looked marvelous!!!  He wasn't impressed.

Earlier in the day, I promised Payton that we would go strawberry picking, but I didn’t realize it would be so late by the time we got to the farm.  A promise is a promise, so we finally made it to Seiple’s Farm.  

It turned out that today was the very last day for strawberries and there wasn’t much left to pick.  Between the two of us, we picked about a quart of very small, but very sweet and juicy berries!  

Ok, this post is getting obscenely long so I will end it here.  I hope you had a great day and here’s to looking forward to a wonderful weekend! 



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