Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Hot Run, a Swim and a New Camera

Hello and Happy Thursday!  It's still a scorcher outside and right now, I'm living it up in the AC.  

This morning, I tried to run again before my pool workout.  Jesse met me at the local high school and we set out to do an easy 2 -3 miles.  In the beginning, my Achilles hurt a little bit, but after a half mile or so, it loosened up.  He came up with a good word to describe how I'm feeling...it's "tender."  My Achilles doesn't hurt {per say}, but I can feel it's there so I thought "tender" was a pretty good word to label the feeling. 

After our run, I hit the pool for a workout.  Today, he combined longer intervals with shorter ones for a total of 800 yards per set.   

Here's what I did:

150 swim/warm-up

500y - 10:23, 1:30 rest
{3 x 100 at 35 seconds rest}
100y - 1:47.2
100y - 1:47.2
100y - 1:47.1

2:00 rest

400y - 8:13, 1:15 rest
{4 x 100 at 35 seconds rest}
100y - 1:46.6
100y - 1:47.9
100y - 1:48.6
100y - 1;48.0

2:00 rest

300y - 6:11, 1:00 rest
{5 x 100 at 35 seconds rest}
100y - 1:47.5
100y - 1:47.5
100y - 1:46.3
100y - 1:44.69
100y - 1:38.63

100 cool down

For some strange reason, I was getting some minor toe cramps during the 100s in the second set so I took a short break and then I was good to go.  I think I may have been dehydrated from this vicious heat we're having.  Note to self:  hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  During the last few 100's I was really getting tired, but some how, some way, I pulled out a few good intervals and finished strong.  I was glad once it was over! 

My Achilles was a little sore after all of the calorie-burning I did, so I iced it while taking in "The View" on TV.  Courteney Cox was a guest, so that was a score!  I like her.  

Willsey was hanging out with me on the floor too.

He felt the need to supervise the icing of my Achilles.  Note the blister on the back of my heel -- that is the war wound that I got from icing too much!  

After all of this, I headed to a local camera store to purchase a small digital {point and shoot} camera that takes good pictures in low light places such as restaurants.  I came home with the Nikon Coolpix S3300 in red.  I am so excited to try it out and experiment with the cool features and I will be sure to do a review in the next few days.  
For the rest of the day, I think I am going to hang out by the pool and relax.  I haven't done that since I've been off and I think I deserve a break.  

What are you doing for the rest of the day?  Make it a good one!  


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