Monday, June 11, 2012

I Was Lapped!


I hope you are all recovering from a nice weekend!  We were very busy, and just about every minute was spent together as a family.  

Yesterday, I hit the pool for another workout and this time, Jesse had me swim longer intervals.  Starting with 300's {i.e. 12 lengths}, my arms sure were tired after those were over!  

Workout of the day:

10 minute warm-up
4 x 300 {1:30 rest}
2 minutes rest
4 x 75 - last length FAST! {1:00 rest}
2 minutes rest
4 x 25 FAST!
Cool down

The craziest part about the whole workout was that I was consistently being lapped by another female swimmer!  Now, I have never said I was a swimmer and I freely admit that I'm not very fast..BUT, this chick was flying!!  She showed up with her swim cap, Speedo suit, goggles and pool shoes and she looked very official.  I felt like I was standing still when she passed me in the water.  She even knew how to do flip turns!  For a brief second, the competitive beast came out of me and I tried to keep pace for a lap, but that only lasted a few strokes and she was gone.  Oh well...I tried and the whole time I kept telling myself..."I am doing this for running...I am doing this for running."  The whole experience was interesting to say the least!    

After the workout, I was starved.  I made myself a delicious turkey and cheese sandwich on Wegman's Marathon bread.  This bread is filled with whole grains, flax seed, cranberries, carrots, bananas, and pumpkin seeds.  On the side, I had pickles and grapes.

Last night, our friends {Jolene and Sib} came over for an impromptu cookout and I will post more on the menu for that dinner tomorrow.  

This morning, I met Lauretta for a yoga session at The Yoga Loft of Bethlehem.

Yoga really makes my Achilles feel good.  Heck...it makes the whole body feel good!  

I even took my new water bottle that was given to me by one of my students.   

Laurel, the instructor, is a runner and she incorporates stretches into her routines that are good for sore running muscles.  I learned today that Triangle pose is particularly good for the IT band.  As Lauretta and I were walking out, we were discussing how good yoga makes us feel, especially the final relaxation portion of the session.    

We then hit Lauretta's favorite coffee spot {The Wise Bean} for a quick cup before I had to head home to meet my daughter.  

This afternoon, I went to my second physical therapy visit for the Achilles tendonitis that I have been suffering with for over a month now.  Since my visit last Thursday, I have been religiously doing the stretches and icing that John {my PT} prescribed.  I have to say, the stretches kind of aggravate the tendonitis.  I told this to John and he wants me to still continue to ice and stretch and we will reevaluate my potential running start date when I see him again on Thursday.  It's all very frustrating.  

So for now, I am still busting through with the swimming.  Thursday is looking like another yoga day as well.   

Ok, I'm off to make dinner.  I hope you are enjoying your Monday!



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  1. whoa, you painted your toenails, I really like the new look! What kind of toe nail polish did you use?!?