Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yoga and Family

Good morning!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  I have a few things planned for today, starting with church with the family.  This afternoon, I will be heading to a 2-hour yoga workshop with Lauretta at The Yoga Loft of Bethlehem.  From what I understand, during the first half hour we will learn about some of the muscles in the body and how yoga can help strengthen, relax and relieve tension within those muscles.  Following will be a 90-minute yoga class.  

I'm really looking forward to this class because yoga has been on the back burner for a while, and I think it will be a nice break from my recent cross-training routines.   I'm also looking forward to spending time with Lauretta since we haven't been able to run because of my Achilles tendonitis.  

Plus...I'm still waiting for those pictures from the commercial shoot with Cecily Tynan and as soon as I receive them, I will be sure to post about the experience.  

Make it a great Sunday!


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