Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lactate Threshold Workout in the Pool

Happy Rainy Tuesday!  It's miserable here today, but I am actually enjoying it because I am getting some things accomplished around the house {indoors}.  

My day started out with a pool workout.  Jesse was kind enough {extremely kind} to meet me at the community center at 5:50 am this morning to advise me through my session.  Being a swimmer himself, he was able to provide the workout like usual, and time me as well.  He specifically met me because he wanted to do a lactate threshold workout, which means that he wanted me working at about 85-90% of my maximum heart rate with short rest.  We checked my heart rate after the 125's and this gave him a rough approximation to how close my times were to hitting that effort.  

With running, he can determine paces that I should be running to hit my lactate threshold by my previous races and workout times.  Since swimming is new to me and we haven't a clue as to how fast I should be moving, using heart rate as a monitor gave him a rough idea.  Also, by finding this information, he can adjust my pool workouts accordingly.  It's all pretty interesting stuff and I am happy that I am able to do these types of workouts to keep me in shape while my Achilles tendonitis is on the mend.     

I think I swam faster today than I do when I'm by myself, especially since I had someone there to push me.  Here's what we did...times and all!

150y easy swim, 1 minute rest
100y easy kick, 1 minute rest
150y easy swim 

~1 minute rest~

3 x125y swim, (2:23, 2:26, 2:27) 45 seconds rest in between each

200y swim (3:59) ~1 minute rest~

3 x 125y swim (2:25, 2:19, 2:21) 45 seconds rest in between each

~2 minutes rest~

100y swim (1:47) ~1 minute rest~

75y swim (1:20) ~1 minute rest~

50y swim (:50) ~1 minute rest~

4 x 25y swim FAST! (21.1, 21.1, 20.7, 20.8) 1 minute rest in between each

200y easy cool down

I should have gotten a photo since I always do...but I just didn't think of it THAT early in the morning. 
Just a little bit ago, I took the girls to the public library so they can join the summer reading program.  They were all excited to get their reading logs, bookmarks, and stickers!  Hey...anything to keep them reading!!  

Tomorrow, I think I will hit the pool for another early morning workout followed by yoga on Thursday.  I hope you have a wonderful day!


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