Friday, June 22, 2012

Early Swim and Some Yoga

Happy Friday! 

I'm coming off a morning of swimming and yoga and boy, oh boy...I'm tired!  Today's early pool session consisted of some shorter and faster intervals.  From the moment I started swimming, I could tell that my arms and legs were heavy from yesterday's workout, but I pushed through because I knew that I probably wouldn't be in the pool this weekend.

After swimming, I hit a mid-morning yoga class with Lauretta.  Before hand, I was playing with my new camera and it has this very cool function called "selective color."   You can select a specific color from a rainbow of choices, and depending on which one you choose, that will be the only color that will show and the rest of the picture will be black and white.  Check it out...

Set to green:

Set to magenta:

I arrived to yoga a tad early, so I spread out my mat and just laid there for a few moments, soaking in the peace and quiet.  It felt so good!  

Here's Lauretta... She got in a few miles before class...Lucky!

Since my upper body was so tired, I struggled through the class...but the last pose we do {Savasana} is all worth it!  

When I got home, I was starving!  I made myself a turkey and cheese sandwich on Tuscan bread with lettuce and a smidge of light mayo.  On the side, I had my favorite baby dill pickles and some grapes.  For this photo, I tried the "cuisine" setting on my camera.  Basically, this is a macro setting and it brings the images in for a close shot.    

I think now is a great time to take a little nap.  I have no children and the house is silent, so that is exactly what I will do.  

I hope you have a great day!





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