Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moravian XC Alumni Race and Event


On Friday evening we had a special Moravian College cross-country alumni race and get-together.  This event was the first of its kind since I have been associated with the college, and it was very much a huge hit among all who attended.

The night started off with a 2 mile race at Monocacy Park, which was the sight of many, many interval workouts throughout the four years spent at Moravian.  We decided to hold the event at this specific location because we knew it would spark old memories of running and training.  Many miles were recorded on the rolling hills that encompass the area.  

Around 6:15 pm, current team members lined up at the starting line to race among new and old alums.  Some were in amazing shape while others did the race for fun.  For some reason, these photos were a little foggy...

And they're off...

For me, this was the first time I "raced" since the spring, so I was anxious to feel it out again and see where I was in my training.  My goal was to run as close to twelve minutes as possible.  The first mile felt ok and I went through in 5:59 pace.  The second mile began with a 600 yard uphill trek on grass and I was not feeling so great at that point.  Around a half mile left, my old coach {Mark Will-Weber} pulled up along side of me and I murmured something to him along the lines of "this stinks."  He reminded me that we had less than a half mile to go and at that point, I got my second wind and picked it up to the finish.  I ended up running 12:29...about 29 seconds more than I wanted, and that second mile was a doozy.  After the race, my dad commented to me that my base was there, but my conditioning wasn't.  I know he was correct, so weekly interval and track workouts are on my to-do list.

New Freedom High School head cross country coach...Bobby T. and me.  I love his Freedom shirt...our alma mater!

My sister and the kids...

The top three females...Cadee {2012 alum and Bob's assistant XC coach}, Emily Shertzer and me...

Payton was ready for the race!

My dad was working the finish line with Jesse...

After the alumni run, we held a kids' race and my daughter was sooooo excited to run.  My husband told me that she was mimicking the team's warm-up movements.  She was swinging her leg from front to back and stretching and striding.  He said it was so cute and I wish I would have seen her in action!  She was by far the oldest one in the crew, and she ended up winning.  Everyone was laughing at the end saying that the kids' race was so far...approximately a quarter mile.    

After all of the running at the park, everyone headed down the road for a cook-out at the rented pavilion.  Last week, Jesse, Bob and I went on a Sam's Club excursion and purchased burgers, hot dogs, chips, pretzels, etc.  I made a large green salad and six pounds of pasta salad to accompany the meal.  As a last minute dessert idea, we ordered cookies from Easton Baking Company, a local hole-in-the-wall bakery that has amazing baked goods.  People also brought numerous dessert dishes to add to the sweet selection.  The food was yummy and it practically was demolished.  

I put Fred to work at the grill.  He didn't mind because grilling is his specialty.  Plus, it was his way to help out and we all appreciated it.  

Here are Fred and Dustin {one of the track coaches} rinsing their hands in the creek.  At first, I wasn't quite sure what was going on...  

Jesse ordered these {very cool} dry-fit shirts for the top five men and women alumni.  Here are the winners...

It was so great to see my old teammate, Carla!

Jesse and me...

We gave participation ribbons to the kids who completed their race.  They were all so cute!

After the cook-out, we headed to Bob's house for an after-party since the pavilion closed at dusk.  Bob was flipping more burgers as a late night snack and the cookies and chips were a nice treat.  Here are some random pics from the party...

Patrick had his game face on!

Jesse and Bob...

Bob had a few tricks up his sleeve.  He presented "special" awards to a few select individuals...

Alumni...old and new, as well as our old coach!  

Mark got the Oldest Finisher award!

Will received the coveted "Most Unimproved..."

Tiff was lucky enough to snag the DFL award..."Dead Freakin' Last!"

And every year, Patrick claims that he will be soon getting in shape.  And every year, he shows up not in shape!  So because he is all talk and no game, he received the "Just Give It Up Already" award. 


My sister {Tara} and me...

Jesse had a great time putting faces to names at this event.  He did an amazing job pulling it all together!  

Having fun with Carla and Cadee!

After the night was over, we received many, many positive comments from those in attendance.  This is definitely something that will become an annual tradition and I look forward to connecting with even more alumni in the future!

Have a great Sunday!



  1. I am so definitely going next time around!!! Looks like a great time was had by all!

    1. We missed you!! We will send a date out soon...

  2. Thanks for sharing, Tracy! Looking forward to the next event!

  3. Ryan And Sara HallAugust 26, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    We will be there next year as well...You and Bob seem like cool cats to hang out with!

  4. The photos are great! This event SO much fun! Can't wait to get together with everyone again! Makes me proud to be a Greyhound!

  5. Love the photos and the narrative. Great job by you, Bob and jesse.

    See you next Saturday at Bob's party

  6. Hoping to make it next time!! Thanks for the fun pics (and planning, etc.)! -JJ