Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day Three Detox Review

It's Thursday!  Holy moly, the time flies.  This is my last week home before school starts and I am trying to make the most of it.  

Yesterday was day three of my little detox and I have to say, I am not feeling so well...but I will get to that part later.  Here's how the day started:

I knew I would be away from home yesterday morning, so I packed myself a little snack bag to munch on.  The nice thing about this detox plan is that I can snack all day long on fruits and vegetables because my meals aren't large.  What was in the bag? A container of celery and almond butter, a peach {which I ate later for lunch}, almonds, and some strawberries.

Menu up until my run:

7:00 AM - lemon water 
7:30 AM - detox herbal tea
8:30 AM - whey protein smoothie with strawberries, blueberries and spinach
10:00 AM - celery with a tad of almond butter and some more strawberries {eaten in the car}
1:00 PM - Leftover quinoa and a peach

3:30 PM - Handful of raw almonds

In the early evening, I decided to meet a local cross-country team for their 5:00 PM practice, since...as we all know...it's better to run with people.  I arrived at practice feeling a little tired, but I decided to run with the 6.5 mile group.  We started out at 8:00 pace for the first mile, and then increasingly got faster to  {~7:30 pace -- my normal pace for an easy run}.  About two miles in, my body started to shut down.  I became so sluggish that I needed to stop several times just to catch my breathe and gather enough strength and energy to carry on.  The last mile was a walk/run and I just wanted it to end. ASAP.  It was terrible.  At that moment, I decided that if I was going to put in the mileage, I needed to feed my body with more food.  

For dinner, I still kept my diet light.  We went out to eat and I ordered a fresh mozzarella, tomato and mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette with an unsweetened iced tea.  While it was still all fresh ingredients, I allowed myself some dairy.  I didn't order a glass of wine, nor did I have dessert...so I was still trying to stick with the plan to a degree.  

So in the end, I am still going to continue an even {more} modified version of this detox and here's what I am going to do.  I will continue with no sugar, soy, gluten, salt, caffeine and alcohol.  For breakfast, I will still drink the lemon water and then I will have my normal Greek yogurt with berries.  As for carbs, I need them in order to perform...but I will still stick with the brown rice, quinoa, and other grains that I normally eat.  The way I see it, everything can be modified, right?  I am not a quitter and I don't want to quit this, but a few modifications will only help my body be better overall.  

Our friend Jim stopped by last night and brought me these chips to try, in light of my gluten-free diet.  He knew of my detox and thought I would like to try them.  They are amazingly delicious!  He picked them up at my Wegman's.  Yum!  

A few caramel flavor chips made a tasty dessert.  

On another note, Willsey is so needy.  He follows me around the house all day long like it's his job, and he needs to be in the know at all times.  When I am working on my computer, he insists that I have one hand on him.  I guess it's a Golden Retriever thing...!  Love him!   

Ok, I am about to head out the door for an easy run {I'm thinking 3ish}.  After last night's disaster, plus the soreness I have from Dr. Gilroy's active release technique {ART} on my hips, I'm hurting.  A nice, easy, short run will feel good right about now and I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.  Have a great day!


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