Monday, August 20, 2012

Sand Castle Winery

Hello and Happy Monday!  Today is officially my last day of summer.  It's my last day off before I head to school to report for duty, and I plan to spend the whole day hanging with my daughter.

As promised in yesterday's post, I want to tell you about the winery we hit on our daytime date.  While driving down the road that runs along the Delaware River, we knew there were some wineries in the area and when we came upon the Sand Castle Winery, we decided to pull on in.

This winery is located south of us, approximately 25 - 30 miles from Bethlehem.  It was quite large and if you check out the website, they hold large tasting parties, weddings and other special events.  We were taken right away by an older gentleman, who, in my opinion, was one of the best wine pourers. Ever.  Normally, wineries limit tastings to 5-6 per person and this one let us enjoy all of their wines, but the servings were just a sip...which I loved.   

After the first few, our pourer served their Johannisbery Dry Riesling 2006 with a piece of dark chocolate.  I found this interesting since I usually associate dark chocolate with red wine.  Surprisingly, this dry white with the chocolate was lovely. 

Another usual pairing was their Chardonnay Classic 2007 with a salty cashew.  Again, a delicious combination.  The salt from the nut balanced the buttery flavor of the wine beautifully. 

After serving their 2008 Pinot Noir, the pourer pulled up this rosemary plant, as well as white chocolate.  He told us to take a sip of wine, eat a sprig of rosemary, take a sip of wine, eat the chocolate, and then finish with the last of the wine.  Unusual combination?  Yes.  Mighty tasty?  Yes, again!     

Here's a view of some of their bottles...

Their Cuvee Blush was served with some wasabi peas.  The hot wasabi coupled with the slight sweetness of the wine actually left us with a popcorn flavor on our palate.  So interesting!

At the end, our pourer served us their Alpine Spice NV, warmed.  This wine is a combination of their Chardonnay and Riesling with some added herbs and spices.  It can be served cold over ice, or warmed in the fall or winter in front of the fireplace.  He said a few drops of white Bacardi Rum also makes this wine extra special.  

After our tasting, we each enjoyed a glass of wine out on their patio while deciding what we wanted to purchase. 

Their vineyard is located overlooking the river which is similar to the placement of vineyards in the Finger Lakes, up in New York State. They are all located on, or near the lakes. 

Once we got home, Fred and I made a nice dinner just for two.  As an appetizer, I served an orange that was peeled and sliced drizzled with olive oil and pepper, and topped with Manchego cheese. 

For dinner, Fred grilled filet mignon, and I prepared the fresh corn and green beans which we purchased from the produce stand.  

I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Saturday!  Enjoy! 

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