Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Day with my Girls and a Taco Tip!

Good morning.  I just need to let out a big, 'ole sigh because it's the first day of the school year.  Granted, my new batch of kids don't come until Monday and I really am anxious to meet them...but it's always hard to get in the groove again after a nice, long, relaxing summer.  

This evening, I want to get in a short and sweet track session.  I am running a Moravian College alumni two-mile cross-country race on Friday and I want to get my legs moving.  

Yesterday my girls and I had a very nice day, starting with some school shopping.  With our supply lists in hand, we tackled those babies like it was our job.  Everything from glue sticks to folders....purchased. 

In the afternoon, we stopped by a new self-served frozen yogurt place for a yummy treat.  It was my last day of freedom,...so why not?

This place was very similar to So Fun yogurt, another local self-serve place.  Basically, you pick your flavor{s} and then add your toppings of choice. 

With children, you seriously have to monitor their portions since you pay by the pound.  I thought this sign was interesting...especially since my yogurt was topped with Twix bars. Heh!  
Once we got home and settled, my mom called and said my sister and nephews were in town and wanted to play mini golf.  I wasn't expecting this little adventure, but the girls wanted to go and I couldn't say no.  I served as the official scorekeeper since there was already a foresome formed with the kids and my sister.  

After golf, I had to make a quick dinner because everyone was starved.  I had some organic, ground turkey breast and decided to make taco salad.  Basically, to keep it healthy, I chopped up a ton of romaine lettuce and we had a  make-your-own taco salad bar right on the table.  We had four ears of leftover corn on the cob, so I heated them up and we cut the kernels off and added them to the salads for some extra sweetness.  Some salsa, tomatoes, onions, cheese, low-fat sour cream and a few crunched up tortilla chips created a wonderful, healthy meal.  Here's the final product...

The one thing I've learned about packaged taco seasonings is that they contain more salt and other ingredients than what should be included in taco meat.  Take a look...

The first two ingredients are yellow corn flour and salt.  To make your taco meat healthier, you can use the spices in your pantry...probably ones you already have.  To make my meat, I added two palms of chili powder, and one palm full each of cumin, onion powder and garlic powder.  A pinch of salt and pepper and approximately a half cup of water is all it takes to make tasty taco meat.  My family was extremely happy and there wasn't even a taco shell in sight.  

Ok, I'm off to school...wish me luck!  Enjoy your day!