Saturday, August 11, 2012

On the Rebound!

Good morning!

I am so happy to report that I FINALLY feel better while running.  It's been an absolute struggle for me this summer between my injury, taking some time off because of the injury, upping my miles again, and of course...the heat and humidity.  For weeks, every run I did was not fun and didn't feel good.

I kept telling myself to be patient and take one run at a time.  As most runners know, it is always hard to get back in shape and/or to increase mileage after having some low to no mileage weeks.  Don't get me wrong, my days in the pool earlier in the summer definitely helped, but in my mind...nothing compares to running.  

This week was finally a change of pace.  My weekly mileage was around 30, and I had several great runs.  The other day, I did 6 miles {mid day} in the heat, and wasn't affected.  Last night, I did an unplanned five mile progression run.  I ran out in 19:05 and back in 16:47 for a total time of 35:52.  My last mile was run in 5:58.  

And this morning, I ran a little over 8 miles, my longest since the beginning of the summer, in 1:01.25...an average of sub 7:30's.  Again, I felt great!  

Here's a photo of my watch.  I have been having issues with my Garmin lately.  The mileage doesn't start to register until about a quarter to a half of a mile into the run.  It is very frustrating.  But since I know how long some of my loops are from previous runs, I knew today's run {to my parent's house and back} was about 8.2 miles.  

If anyone knows why my watch is acting up like this...please help!  

All in all, I am excited to be in the game again.  I am looking forward to starting some workouts with Jesse, and most of all, I am ready for the weather to break.

Later today, I am making a Farro with Vegetables salad for a picnic.  It's time to get a shower and head to Wegman's for some coffee and grocery shopping.  Have a great day!


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