Sunday, August 5, 2012

Date Night with the Olympians and 8 Miles

Last night I decided to forgo the reunion and hang out in my living room with Fred.  He was exhausted from his day, so I gathered a few cheeses, breads, and appetizers from Wegmans, and we had ourselves a date night with the Olympians.  

I picked up some Brie and Gouda cheeses and a few rolls {rather than a full loaf of bread}...

A side of meatballs and veggies...

And these little potato puffs which were not all that unhealthy!

The final plate...

With a glass of Riesling...

And not only did we find the Olympics quite amusing...so did Willsey.  He particularly liked the May-Treanor/Walsh-Jennings beach volleyball duo!  

I swear, he watched them play for about a minute straight.  So cute!

Right now, I am enjoying a cup of well-deserved coffee and my breakfast after a sweatfest on the roads.  I covered only 6 miles, when I wanted to do 8.  I just can't get past this horrible humidity!  

Enjoy your Sunday!

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