Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Race Pace Track Workout

Good morning!  

Last night I did a little track workout to get my legs moving.  Since my daughter was coming with me, I ran a three mile warm-up from home to save time while in the stadium.  I also put her to work behind the camera to keep her busy and she took pictures the whole time...that's the beauty of going digital.  Note: Every picture was taken by her...

When Jesse met us at the track, we decided that I should do a few longer intervals at a somewhat anticipated race pace for this weekend's two mile alumni XC race on grass.  

As of now, I'm not in blazing shape, so he thought my intervals should be run between 87-90 second quarter pace.  To give you an idea, 90 second pace is equivalent to a 6:00 mile.  Plus, he included high rest for recovery.  

Here's what we did:

400 - untimed, just to get going since about 20 minutes passed from the conclusion of my warm-up...plus a few strides

800 - 2:57.2  {3 minutes rest}
1200 - 4:29.2  {4 minutes rest}
800 - 2:56.1  {3 minutes rest}
300- 1:00.3  {2  minutes}
200- 37.7  {1 minute}
100 - 17.1

Note: rest was equal to the time of the interval I just ran

Like I said, this was done at race pace...not all out, or at track racing speeds.  I felt pretty good, but most importantly, my Achilles felt even better!  I was a little hesitant but I found that it was warmed up properly and I didn't have a problem.  My goal is to start doing at least one harder workout a week, whether it be on the track, roads or course.   

Afterwards, I did a few laps around the track as a cool down and some stretching.  By that time, Payton was ready to head home and split a Gatorade!

For dinner, I made a whole wheat Boboli pizza topped with farmer's cheese, broccoli, fresh basil and sauteed red onions.  We had an arugula salad on the side with walnuts, cranberries and an olive oil/fresh lemon juice dressing.  It was tasty!

Time for school!  Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Nice pictures! Your daughter should major in sports photography when she goes to Moravian to run for that guy...Jesse I think his name is? He seems like a real swell lad!

  2. Your daughter did a great job with the pictures! I am with you, I want to include one hard workout to my training too! By the way, your form looks great! Pizza looks yummy too!