Friday, March 9, 2012

Progressing through Progression Runs.

It's Friday night and I thought I would do a short post about tonight's run.  Every week, Jesse has me do some type of quality workout on my own in addition to the workout we do together.  This can either be a progression run, intervals, or a tempo run.  

I decided to run a course through the neighborhoods by my school which is chock full of rolling hills and paths.  

My first 2 1/2 miles were completed in 19:10, an estimated pace of 7:40 per mile.  

Coming back, I covered the same distance in 16:25 (average pace 6:34).  

Mile four was run in 6:45 and mile 5 in 6:25 for a total time of 35:36.  

After the workout, Jesse wanted me to do approximately 800 meters worth of all-out strides to simulate a "kick" on tired legs.  Well, I sure was tired!  Between the wind and the heavy legs, I had a hard time getting moving. According to Jesse, that was the point.

Tomorrow's post will be all about the wine pairing dinner at Shula's.

Have a great night!

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