Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Forward Fashion Trends.


Today I’m taking a little break from running and recipes by posting about the  fashion trends for this spring season.  Since the 60+ degree weather brings the best out in everyone, let’s have a look at what’s in store for us as the weather gets even warmer…

Tango with Tangerine…

There is no better color to say “hot” than to wear a fresh shade of orange.  From tangerine to melon, you take your pick.  This color is great on it's own, or paired with another color.

Come on, Camo!

This is a trend that would make my husband proud.  The season’s camo prints are scaled down from browns and olives to soft and subtle pastels.  I’m not sure if this trend is for me, but I can certainly envision a feminine camo jacket paired with a cute pair of skinny jeans.  

Pretty Pastels.

If bright tangerine hues aren’t for you, pastels may do just the trick.  These sweet sorbet shades range from mint green to sherbet orange, and they send out a sophisticated vibe without calling attention your way.  My suggestion – a pretty pastel dress with neutral shoes would be look amazing against tanned skin.

Must-have Metallics.

Anything from skirts to pants to shoes…metallics are glowing this season.  Gold, silver or bronze…these metallics even work as a neutral to your wardrobe.  I love a strappy gold wedge or a silver flip-flop to wear with every outfit.    

Rockin’ Color Block.

As seen on runways in New York, the color block patterns are still in style.  Large, brazen blocks of color spread across a dress or jacket can really make a statement, but this style isn’t for everyone.  I think a cute color block tunic paired with simple black capri leggings would be a perfect choice for me.  

Speaking of tangerine...Check out these spikes that Lauretta gave me for my track meet next month.  

If they don't "scream" orange, I don't know what does.  Thank you, Lauretta! 

My theory on new fashion trends?  I like to pick up one or two trendy pieces per season and wear them with clothing I already own.  For example, a cute pair of tangerine sandals would be a perfect accent to my little black dress! 

What do you think?  Is camo for you?  How about a pair of metallic pants? Taken to tangerine?  I would love to know… 

Have a great Tuesday!



  1. Stan the in style manMarch 13, 2012 at 10:43 AM

    How about monkey patterns?

  2. Browsing on fashion and food, your post pops up...love the spring trends....I would like to add a your link in my blog as I'm doing a fashion post too..if it's ok with you...