Friday, March 23, 2012

Tired Tempo Trek

TGIF.  Need I say more?  I'm looking forward to two full days of being home with my family...a rare occurrence in my household.

On to last night's mile repeats with Jesse.  We hit the canal tow path for the workout and I have to say, my legs were a little heavy from Wednesday's run with Lauretta.  

It was one of those days where I had to take one interval at a time and set a new goal for each.  

Here's what we did...

1.5 mile warm-up

mile 1: 6:09 with 2:45 rest
mile 2: 6:11 with 2:45 rest
mile 3: 6:09 with 2:30 rest

Apparently, the rest was only supposed to be 2:00, but we got to chatting...oh well...

1/2 mile: 3:01

These splits were an average of 6:08 pace which is ~19:12 5k pace.

Then we did 3 x 30 second bursts, with each getting further in distance as we went along.  

1.5 mile cool down

Phew....I was exhausted!  When I got home, Fred grilled some marinated pork chops and I threw together a salad and we had a healthy, nutritious dinner. 

Ok, off to meet my day.  Make it a great Friday!


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  1. First time commenter, but daily reader of your blog - it's great by the way, keep it up! Anyway, I can't help but notice that your running advisor had you do a similar workout about a month ago. He should be more creative with the workouts he has you do, although I also couldn't help but notice that you ran considerably faster, like almost 10 seconds/mile faster than a month ago. Pretty impressive! Nice work Tracy, I may try this workout myself.