Saturday, March 17, 2012

Allergies or cold?

…still to be determined. 

The last day or two I have been suffering from a stuffy nose, sinus pressure, a scratchy throat, and slight body aches.  These symptoms are not horrible, but they are pesky enough to leave me feeling not myself. 

Since my race is coming up, I have been doing everything I can to rid my body of any remaining cold germs.  Take a look at what I was pumping yesterday at school. 

OJ, multivitamins, calcium, Echinacea from my friend, Jenn, Emergen-C packets, green tea, and lots of water.  

I’m hoping that with lots of sleep, plenty of water and vitamins, plus rest from running, I will be ready to go on Sunday.

Here’s a little chart that outlines the difference between cold and allergy symptoms.  

Judging from this, I’m thinking I have a minor cold due to my slight body aches and I just want it to GO AWAY!

Well, I’m off to do a short run (~3 miles) and then on to eyeglass shopping with my mom.  She always likes someone to help her choose the perfect pair, and I am that chosen “someone” today. 

Make it a great Saturday!


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