Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1500 Meter Time Trial

I couldn't leave the spring track season behind without at least trying it...

Last night, Jesse and I met at the track for a 1,500 meter time trial.  It was just me, him, and a few random lacrosse players having practice on the infield...not a stadium full of spectators, or college-aged girls lined up at the starting line, or even official timing systems with starting guns.  Nope...it was very quiet and informal.  

We did a 2 mile warm-up, our usual drills, plus two, 100-meter strides to get a feel for our pace.  Then it was time to go.  I was a little nervous, like usual, but nothing like I experienced last weekend.  Our goal was to run 77-second quarter mile pace, which would take us to approximately 4:50 for a 1500.  

Note: Some of these splits were "eyeballed" as we passed through and those are noted with a {??}.

2:35.29 ~ (79.??)
3:54.64 ~ (79.35)
4:53.54 ~ (58.89 for the last 300 meters)

It's not the best photo from my Blackberry.....

Some stats, per Jesse:
  • I was ~3:35 at 1100 meters, which means my last 400 was ~78 seconds  
  • My slowest lap was #2, and at worst it was a high 79/low 80
  • First 800 meters - 2:35.3
  • Last 700 meters - 79.3 + 78.5 pace (based on a 58.89 last 300) which was 2:37.8 pace {This works out to two-sub 2:40 half miles, back to back}  
Bottom line - I did it.  I know I can run faster. And I am now {really, really} ready to tackle the roads.  I didn't break my goal of 4:50, but there is no doubt in my mind that I couldn't in a real race situation.  I do have to thank Jesse, for the millionth time, for trekking out there with me today, and his athletes are extremely lucky to have an amazing coach like him!

It's hump day, people...we're half way through the week.  Enjoy your day!


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  1. Do you have eligibility remaining? A 4:53 runner would be a great asset to our team down here in North Carolina! Plus i have no doubt you could break 4:50. Email me if you'd like to run for our team, you could really help us out!