Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back on Track: My 1,500

Phew...I made it to Easter break and I have five days ahead of me chock full of vacation bliss!  I will be able to run in the mornings, relax, read, weed my yard, and just be home and happy.  Cheers to that!  

On to the post of the day...

With my 1,500-meter race a mere week and a half away, I am starting to think about preparation ideas, race strategies, and time goals.  Keep in mind, I haven’t run anything less than a 5k in a long, long time so I am a little anxious to see how I will do. 

In college, I considered this distance as my forte.  My training was geared specifically towards middle-long distance events, and often times I was asked by my coaches to run the 800, the 3,000, or even the occasional mile relay.  However, in my mind, the 1,500 was my self-diagnosed specialty.   

Over time, I proved that this was the race for me.  In 1994, I won the 1,500 meter race at the NCAA Division III Track & Field Championships.  Talk about something being the highlight of a collegiate runner's career...this topped all!  

That's me...#144.  Obviously this is a photo of a photo because there was no such thing as digital shots in the olden days! :)  

I was a good athlete and listened to everything my coach wanted me to do.  Mark Will-Weber, a notable runner and author in his own right, was there to guide my way and help me reach my true potential.  

Mark wrote several books, including "The Quotable Runner" and "Run for the Diamonds: 100 Years of Footracing in Berwick, Pennsylvania." 

(Again, this picture is an oldie, but a goodie and my face looks slightly on the puffy side.  Very weird.)

While researching some updated middle distance strategies, I recently found a website that is filled with good workouts for someone training for the 1,500/mile.

Within this website I found a rather informative article that focuses on race strategies starting from the first 100 meters to the final bell lap.  In my case, I still know what was successful for me in the past and I will probably work with Jesse to come up with a plan that is appropriate for my training and ability at this time in my life.

So here we are, light years since that time in my life, and I will be toeing the line on April 14th to run my first 3¾ laps in 15 years.  Sometimes I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”  The answer is simple.  I love to run, I am enjoying the training again, and I am NOT getting any younger.    

All in all, there are ten days until I make my big debut again on the track.  With a few more speed sessions, long runs, and drills…I think I will be ready to tackle what I once considered my most prized affection.

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