Friday, April 13, 2012

Pre-race Workout and a Little Surprise

On Wednesday evening I did a simulated 1,500-meter run as a last minute speed session before my race on Saturday.  For this workout, Jesse broke apart the distance I will be racing this weekend and had me run intervals at my anticipated pace.  

Since my goal is 4:50 or under, he wanted me running at approximately 77-second (1:17) quarter-mile pace.  I may have gotten a tad carried away with the times, but I felt really good and just went with it.

After a warm-up of two miles and drills, here is what I did:

300 – 55.12 (1:00 rest)
400 – 76.7 (1:30 rest)
400 – 75.0 (1:30 rest)
200 – 36.1 (1:00 rest)
200 – 35.2 (1:00 rest)
200 – 34.8

2 mile cool down

If you add up the 300, 400, 400, and first two 200s, you have a 1,500-meter distance run in 4:38.1.  Sounds good to me…but that time would be with NO rest.  I’m thinking positively and still hoping to reach or exceed my goal.  

On another note, when the girls and I arrived home from school yesterday, this was waiting for us on the front porch.

When I opened the card, it was addressed to us and signed with a simple and discreet signature.

I'm thinking I know who it's from, but the gift giver still remains anonymous.  I love little surprises like this! 

Tonight and tomorrow morning I will be partaking in my pre-race rituals and superstitions to get ready for my big 1500.  April 14th has been written in ink on my calendar for months now, and the day has come to put together all of my miles, speed sessions, and training and race like I know I can.  

Have a great day!


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