Friday, April 6, 2012

Speedwork + Yardwork = I'm Tired!

Good morning, friends!

It's day two of Spring Break and I am loving it!  Yesterday was a gorgeous day and it all started with a speed workout on the track.  Jesse wanted to do one more workout including longer intervals before the 1,500 meter track race next weekend.  To get our legs turning over in the end, we did some fast stuff too.  

Here's our workout:

2 x 800; 1 x 600, 1 x 400, 1 x 300, 1 x 200, and 1 x 100 -- Short and sweet!

~2 mile warm-up and drills

800 – 2:42.03 (5:03 - 1500 pace) – 4:00 rest
800 – 2:42.53 (5:04 - 1500 pace) – 3:45 rest
600 – 1:59.14 (4:57 - 1500 pace) – 3:00 rest
400 – 75.5 (4:43 - 1500 pace) – 1:45 rest
300 – 54.8 (4:28 - 1500 pace) – 1:45 rest
200 – 33.4 (4:10.5 - 1500 pace) – 1:00 rest
100 – all out/no time

~ 1 - 1.5 mile cool down 

I felt pretty good, but for some reason I thought the 400 time was faster than it ended up being.  Plus, we took some longer rest periods between the 800's because Jesse was looking for quality times.  I love the feeling of getting a good workout in early and having the rest of the day free!

After some coffee and a little snack, I went outside to do some much needed weeding.  We have a beautiful yard, but it requires some serious gardening time.     

Willsey was also having a blast, however, he hated being on the wrong side of the fence from me.  So...he started to dig a hole in hopes to make it my side. 

A little dirt + 

water from the pool =

A very muddy puppy.  Check out those paws...

...and his nose!

What a mess!  Once I got him cleaned up and brought inside, he crashed on the floor for a good two hour nap.   

Last night, Fred and I joined our friends, Mike and Erica, at opening night of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.  The Iron Pigs are the Philadelphia Phillies minor league baseball team and the stadium is a mere ten minutes away from our home.  

The four of us...

The Pigs were playing the New York Yankee's minor league team and here they are during the announcement of the starting line-up.

We thought it would be fun to bundle up and venture out to catch a few innings.  Due to the cold, we only lasted three and an executive decision was made to head to a local restaurant to warm up.  It was a fun night! 

And...this morning, Lauretta and I ran a very easy 9.5 miles on the canal tow path.  I wanted to get a good distance run in before coloring Easter eggs with my mom and Payton.  It's a tradition that we do every year on Good Friday.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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