Friday, April 20, 2012

The Perfect Running Short for Women.

If you’re like me, running on hot and sticky days can be a challenge.  Not only does the body have to adapt to the steamy temperatures, we often have to worry about the proper fitting clothing we wear.  Sometimes ill-fitting running shorts can create rashes and chaffing in places that are less then pleasurable, but I think I have finally found the perfect pair.  

As you know, I am an Ambassador and Racing Team Member for Oiselle, a women’s clothing line for runners that is based out of Seattle, Washington.  Several months ago, they sent me a pair of their Lori Short and I have to say, they are amazing.  

I wore them a few days ago to brave Monday’s heat {you know…Boston Marathon day}.  I ran six miles easily, and I came home with not a single rash or red mark.  Nothing.  Any woman with a tad bit of inner thigh muscle may suffer from this problem {like I do} but I feel that I have finally found a short that is right for me.

The other beautiful qualities about this short are that it comes in four great colors and it is “poof-less.”  Plus, the wider waistband and the slimmer silhouette is flattering on everyone.

Just yesterday, I ordered another pair in alder green {see below} and I look forward to receiving them in the very near future.

For more information on Oiselle products, or these shorts in particular, go to:

Do you have any running clothing/brands that help you beat the heat?   I would love to hear any comments or suggestions...

Have a great Friday!


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