Monday, April 9, 2012

Short and Sweet

Just like my workout this morning, today's post is short and sweet

Jesse and I met bright and early to get in a quick speed workout before I started my day of mulching.  Ten cubic yards of mulch was waiting for me upon my return from the track.  Fun.

With my 1500 meter race this coming Saturday, we did some {speed-oriented} 200 meter sprints that were well-below my pace for this weekend.  

Here's the workout: 

2.5 mile warm-up and drills

200 – 35.70 (walk back to start as rest in between each)
200 – 35.20
200 – 34.93
200 – 33.93 

5:00 rest

200 – 34.19 (walk back to start as rest in between each)
200 – 34.06
200 – 33.92
200 – 32.51 

2.5 mile cool-down

On Wednesday, we are planning on meeting again for another leg turnover session as well.  After that, I should be ready to go!

I hope you had a wonderful Monday!


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