Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Extravaganza

Hello, Saturday!  This weekend/break is going by way too fast.  I'm about to start the day with an easy 5 mile run, but before I do, check out the results of our Easter egg coloring extravaganza!

My mom swears by this old-fashioned Hinkle dye.  It's exactly the brand that we used as little kids and honestly, it really does produce vibrant-colored eggs.  And, it is only available in a limited number of stores.  I love how my mom labeled the dye colors so my girls knew which was which.  Heaven forbid we dip the purple Q-tip in the pink Q-tip!  :)

Here's one of my specialties.  This egg was made using yellow and pink.  Starting with the yellow, I took the Q-tip and dabbed the swab all over the surface of the egg, creating little dots.   Then I did the same thing using the pink dye.  In the end, the result is this pretty orange marbleized-looking egg.  

My mom uses this same technique.  She did the blue and purple eggs and I created the orange and the yellow-green eggs.  Pretty, right?  And very easy to do!

The girls have their own ways to decorate the perfect eggs.  I think the one in the back looks as if it's camouflaged. 

Their pink flowers are cute!

Voila!  The finished product...{13?} gloriously colored eggs, ready to peel and eat in a moment's notice.  Guess my mom had an extra in the fridge... 

My parent's dog, Cosmo, didn't seem too interested in egg painting yesterday. 

My mom's side of the family comes from the Ukraine, where these Pysanky eggs are a traditional Easter custom.  Her cousin, Jack, made these eggs years ago and she still displays them proudly on her living room coffee table. 

I think they are absolutely amazing.  Check out the colors and details that make up the designs on the eggs.  If you look closely, there are holes at both ends of the eggs.  Before coloring, the designers blow the yolks and the whites out so they can be preserved and saved for years. 

After all of our hard work, we made homemade whole-wheat pizza.  Check out that big bubble in the middle of the pie!

Plus some salads...

...and we chowed down to a good lunch. It was fun because my dad and Fred joined us too. 

Later in the day, Fred and I took the girls to dinner at Red Robin and then to the movies to see "Mirror, Mirror."  It was very good and we were entertained from beginning to end.  Julia Roberts can play a good villain!

Well, I'm ready to run and start my day.  I hope you enjoy yours!


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