Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Guilty Pleasure and Some Speed.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Here’s one of mine….

Or this...

Yep…I love those trashy dishrag magazines that expose celebrities and feature nonsense articles.  They’re all true, you know?  :)

For me, looking at what the stars are wearing, how they lost ten pounds in one week, and scanning through to learn about the new "it" couples is a complete stress-reducing activity that I can endure for long periods of time.   

Many may not admit it {like my husband or my fellow male coworkers} but I have caught them paging through a random Us Weekly or People magazine that was left around the house, or in the faculty room.  Let’s face it: these magazines are addicting, AND they provide a plethora of brainless reading pleasure.  What more can anyone ask for when they want to relax?

About last night's workout... 
Jesse and I did a speed-oriented workout on the track.  Here’s what we did:

2 mile warm-up and drills

200 – 37.59 ~ 1:00 rest
400 - 75.74 (4:43 pace) ~ 1:30 rest

* Mystery Distances - see note below
625 – thru 600 in 1:55 (4:47, 1500-meter pace) ~ 3:00 rest
575 – thru 500 in 1:35 (4:45 pace) ~ 3:00 rest

400 – 74.9 (4:40.8 pace) ~ 3:00 rest
300 – 54.7 (4:33 pace) ~ 1:30 rest
200 – 35.0 (4:22.5 pace) ~ 1:00 rest
200 – 33.25 (4:09 pace)

2 mile cool down and stretching

* Mystery distances -
Why?  Jesse had me run 2 intervals where I had no clue what to expect, what pace we were going to run, or how far they were going to cover...just as I can't predict what will happen during a race.  Races are funny...sometimes they go out painfully slow, or they can start with a blazing speed.  Hopefully, when I race again {whether it be this weekend or not}, I can draw upon the same mindset and relaxation techniques that I learned during this workout.  Those techniques being: go with the flow, relax, and react to the unexpected.  Jesse said that he likes workouts to be practical and he thought this one would be useful to me.  

On the docket for later...an easy 5 miles with my gal, Lauretta.  

Happy Thursday, friends!


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