Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flower Power

My friend, Katie, makes these adorable paper flowers out of recycled book pages and colored paper.  She initially made them as decorations for her sister’s bridal shower back in the fall, as well as embellishments for the wedding in January.  What started out as a little project for those celebrations led to a small side business on the side...and she now sells her creations on Etsy. 

Check them out:  Lille Syster 

Katie made me this vibrant yellow flower to wear in my hair by using a  hot-glue gun to attach the bud to a bobby pin.  Voila…an adorable {and fashionable} hair accessory.  

Can you believe it's made of paper??  

That day I wore my hair in a low, side ponytail and attached the flower above the band.  The golden hue added a bright burst of color to my otherwise, dull outfit.  That’s what is great about any accessory…they make the ordinary, extraordinary!

Have a great day!


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