Monday, May 21, 2012

Funday Sunday

Good morning!

I'm coming off a really nice weekend with beautiful weather, so heading back to school is a little difficult this morning.  I thought I would give my Achilles a rest after yesterday's 11 miler, and I'm taking the day off from running.  It's a little sore, so as I type this, my foot is resting gently on another bag of frozen veggies. 

Yesterday, my husband's athletic booster club held a golf tournament and I volunteered to help out.

My favorite part of the whole event was driving around on the golf cart and visiting all of the golfers.  Our friend {Jim} and I spent some time hand-delivering bottles of water to the parched golfers. 

We also got to watch Fred's foursome on a few of their holes.   

It was a fun day and I look forward to working again next year!

Looking ahead to the week, I have to decide how my training will look.  Jesse is heading to California for the D3 NCAA Track and Field National Championships, so I am on my own for a workout.  I also want to get some good distance in as well.  

Here's what I am thinking...

Monday {Today} - Off from running
Tuesday - Run easy 5-6
Wednesday - Run 5-6
Thursday - Some type of interval workout {possibly}
Friday -easy 3- recovery day
Saturday - Long run {on own since my gal pal, Lauretta, will be out of town}
Sunday - Easy 5-6

I also want to continue with the ab and arm workouts I started in prep for summer.  We'll see how it all pans out...

What does your exercise week look like?  Do you think days off work well for you?  I would love to hear! 



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