Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swimming and a Very Busy Day!

Morning Friends!

Today I took a day off from school to do a few things.  First, my daughter's class is having their end-of-the-year picnic so I will be heading to that shortly.  Her teacher's mom lives right down the street from the school so the whole class will be walking to her house for some fun and games, and hot dogs too!  

In addition to that, I will be participating in the filming of a photo shoot/commerical for the upcoming LVHN Marathon/Half Marathon/Relay for Via.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I am on the planning committee for this amazing community-wide event in September.  This afternoon, we will be shooting a promo spot throughout the Lehigh Valley with Channel 6 ABC Chief Meteorologist Cecily Tynan.  Not only does she have a very successful career as a meteorologist based out of Philadelphia, she is a very competitive runner as well.  I am very excited to meet her today and will be sure to post on this experience tomorrow.   

But before I venture out to start all of my planned events, I hit the pool again for another one of Jesse's workouts.  

Here's the workout...

10 min warm up

9 x 50 on {15 seconds rest} using a kick board for #3,6, & 9

-2 min rest-

5 x 75, last 25 of each one FAST on {1 min rest} using a kick board for #2 & 4
-2 min rest-

150 yards using a kick board 

-2 min rest -

Long swim -- 500 yards!  I pushed myself on this one!

- 2 min rest -

150 yards using a kick board

Please excuse the sloppy writing, but here it is...in the print.  I leave these sheets of paper at the end of the lane so I remember what the heck I am doing!
Jesse incorporated the use of a kick board into today's workout to focus more on the lower body, the hips, and the hip flexors.  I felt this workout was a tad bit easier than the previous ones, possibly because my legs are in running shape and I can handle the lower body work.  

After swimming, I came home and had my regular breakfast of plain Greek yogurt, berries, flax seed and almond butter.  Plus, I treated myself to Wawa coffee on the way back from the pool.

Time to get ready for my crazy day.  I am planning on a bike ride later, so we'll see how that goes...especially since my bike has cobwebs on it and I haven't been on a bike in at least 8 years.  Cross-training is really exposing me to new things!  

Enjoy your Thursday!


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