Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back on the Track: Road Race Prep Begins


This is the view from this morning...

Good old frozen peas and carrots!  After yesterday's track session {see below}, my Achilles was pretty sore this morning.  I started out to do an easy run around 5:45 am, but turned around promptly because it hurt.  Really hurt.  It's very strange...some days it feels fine, but on other days, it is pretty wicked.  I guess today will be a rest day with periodic icing sessions and some Advil.  Oh, the joys of tendonitis...

Last night I hit the track with Jesse for my first hard workout since the 1500 meter time trial.  Initially, I was a little nervous to attempt a hard session since my Achilles tendonitis was acting up after the long run from Sunday {plus I wasn't even sure if it would even happen} but after a warm-up and some drills, I felt ok.  For this workout, I ditched my flats and ran in my training shoes so my feet had more cushioning and they were surrounded in the comfort of my orthotics.  

Here's what we did:

Workout: 10 x 400 meters on the track at 5k race pace with decreasing rest.  Jesse originally set the pace at ~88 to 90 seconds per lap, but we started out faster and just went with it... 

2 mile warm-up and drills 

1 – 83.35  (90 sec rest)
2 – 81.95  (80 sec rest)
3 – 81.83  (70 sec rest)
4 – 81.20  (60 sec rest)
5 – 83.3    (50 sec rest)
6 – 81.50  (40 sec rest)
7 – 81.63   (30 sec rest)
8 – 81.95   (30 sec rest)
9 – 81.13   (30 sec rest)
10 – 77.85      

2 mile cool down and stretching  
Slowest: 83.3 – 17:21 pace
Average: 81.51 – 16:59 pace
Fastest: 77.85 – 16:12 pace

Geesh....it was hot!  The humidity was high in between the rain showers that we had all day long.  Next time, I need to drink more water when running in those types of conditions.  

I particularly like SmartWater because it includes electrolytes.  Later last night, my daughter and her friend were over to practice an act for their talent show.  I ended up choreographing a routine to a kiddie-bop song...but they loved it!  Oh, what we do for our kids!?!   

Time for school...off to face the day!



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  1. Great workout! When I was dealing with tendonitis I found ART therapy to work wonders! I also found that giving myself extra time after a hard workout (like a day off or wait until the evening to run so recovery time is longer) worked great.