Friday, May 11, 2012

Must Wear Shoes.


Yesterday's easy five mile run with Lauretta on the tow path was {as always} delightful. 

The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, and there weren't too many crazies on the path.  Bonus!  We chatted away about food, running, her moving adventures, blogging, etc, and before we knew it...we were done.  I also have this really horrible, debilitating fear of snakes and someone I know {I'm not mentioning any names} was teasing me about recently spotting a rattlesnake down there.  Still worried, I kept my eyes peeled for any visible trace of a creepy crawler.  Ugh...I hate this phobia! 

Lauretta and I are gearing up for our 6:30 am, eleven miler on Sunday.  Only she would meet me that early and I personally think it's a great way to begin my Mother's Day.  Thanks for the run today! 

On to the post...I've learned over the past few weeks that wearing either heels or flat soled ballet shoes to school or around the house isn't cutting it with my tendonitis.  The other day, I wore a pair of flats to school and by the end of the day, my Achilles was throbbing.  I decided at that moment that those types of shoes will be put on the back burner for a bit and I will wear "good for my feet" shoes until my tendonitis subsides.

When I'm not wearing running shoes, my choice of footwear are these fun {but not so attractive} pair of Dansko clogs.  

I did get them a few years ago, but they still are ultra-comfy and make my heel feel better when I wear them throughout the day.  I also wear them around the house at night since {Bodi, the trainer} told me not to walk around without shoes.  Being the good patient I am, I listen.  That, and I just want to run without pain!

Well then, I'm off to school now.  Have a great Friday!



  1. You know, we really get a bad rap. We're typically minding our own business, and YOU PEOPLE are the ones who are invading OUR territory while we're just trying to get a tan on the trail. I met a guy yesterday on the railroad tracks who started throwing rocks at me and poking me with his fishing pole...what did I do to him?!? I asked him politely to leave me alone but he kept on throwing crap at me. Jerk!

  2. Best activity for mother's day! and I love the Dansko's! Mine are boring brown... might have to trade up... :)

    1. HI Andrea! Thanks for the comment. I love my Dansko clogs! These were a special edition version from a few years ago and I wear them a ton!