Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Girls' Night

Last night, Payton and I were on our own, so we made the best of it and had another girls' night.  

First up...baking for Teacher Appreciation Week at her school.  The PTO asked for volunteers to bake for the faculty and staff luncheon to be held today, so when I was called upon by the volunteer coordinator and soon-to-be PTO Prez {Heather} to bake, I couldn't say no.  She knows that too! :) 

I made Ina Garten's Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars.  When I made these for another school function last year, I was asked for the recipe.  I knew they would be a hit.  If you love the PB&J combo, you will love these!  Scout's honor.

So good!

Next, we started to make our Mother's Day presents for the moms in our family...my mom, aunt, sister, cousin, Alli's mom, etc.  More on that to come after Mom's Day, but here's a hint....  

Then we headed out to do a few errands, mostly shopping for the rest of the items needed for the gifts.  Finally, we had dinner at one of our fav mom-daughter spots, Panera Bread.  

They had my favorite soup last night ~ Veggie with Pesto ~ so I had a bowl with a whole wheat baguette.

Payton decided on her usual...Broccoli Cheddar soup with a whole wheat baguette and low-fat chocolate milk.  

Of course we couldn't leave Panera without splitting a cookie, obvi!

I love the view from this particular Panera Bread.  If lucky, swans are often seen gliding beautifully across the water.  

I love our girls' nights together and I will cherish the bonding time forever.

For tonight...a run with Lauretta after school and finishing up the Mother's Day crafts and cards.  

Make it a great day!



  1. So funny we had the same thing for dinner (minus the cookie for me + hot chocolate)! Yours had more pesto than mine... have a great day and I'll see you at the river!!!