Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random, Unrelated Events....

Today's post is a mix of a little bit of this and a little bit of that...completely random happenings.

First off, I found those MIA photos from the weekend.  For some reason, the date stamp within the camera changed without me knowing and the computer filed them under "January 15, 2008."  Why? I have no clue...but I'm sure glad I found them because I was starting to think I was going nuts.

It's better late than never and I will still share a few with you...

Here I am in front of The Crest Tavern in Wildwood Crest on Saturday evening.  This is a very popular watering hole for locals and visitors, alike.  Plus, it was only a few blocks from the condo!

Afterwards, we hit an adorable ice cream parlor called Banana's Ice Cream Cafe for some homemade yumminess!

Fast forward to last night...I wasn't able to head out for a run due to scheduling conflicts, children, etc...so I decided to head downstairs to do this.  Here's a hint...

Yep, yoga.  I tried to think back to the last time I actually unrolled my mat, but I had a hard time recalling exactly when it was.  Since I decided to focus more on my running back in December/January, workouts such as yoga have gotten pushed to the back burner.  

I ended the session with some ab work and "big girl" push-ups.  Man...I have no upper body strength at all and it's quite apparent that my P90x biceps have disappeared.  I guess I gotta work on that again...

After contorting my body like a pretzel, Payton and I had a girls' night.  First up...breakfast for dinner!  Pancake mix comes in especially handy when the cupboards are bare. 

After dinner, I had to run to Williams-Sonoma for a shower gift so I promised Payton a stop at the ice cream store if she waited patiently while at the store.  Bribery at its best!

There's nothing like ending a fun night with a good ice cream cone. 

I'm hoping that some of your days are filled with complete and utter randomness because sometimes, they're the best kind!

Enjoy your day!

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