Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's Day!

Today is a day to celebrate all of the moms out there, so I thought it would be fitting to pay a special tribute to MY mom.  Oiselle has a contest going on at the moment asking for entrants to share why their moms are special.  I entered the other day and below is what I wrote...

My mother was never an athlete.  She never played sports in high school, she doesn't workout, and she really doesn't like to break a sweat.  But let me tell you...she is a HARD CORE spectator.  No doubt, she was and always will be my number one running fan.  

All throughout my academic running career, my mother was there.  Whether we ran far across the country or locally, I could always count on her making the trek to see me race.  To this day, she doesn't miss a road race or event. 

And not only was she present at the events, she was always stationed behind her camera, video taping, because she knew how much both my sis and I loved to review the day's antics.  Sunday evenings were spent huddled around the TV watching us run endlessly around the course or track, but we loved it and so did she.  

But the real reason my mom is special is because she raised us to be modest, kind, and accepting of others.  We had dinner together as a family every night, homework was done at the kitchen table so she could monitor the progress, we weren't overly gifted on holidays and birthdays, and she always, ALWAYS knew where we were so we didn't get into trouble.  We always had just what we needed and no more.  

I want to raise my daughter in the exact same way that my mom raised me.  These days with all of the busy schedules and crazy work hours, it is very hard.  But I do my best and always keep her in the back of my mind as a role model.  If I can be half the mom to my daughter as my mom was to me...she will be very lucky.

Thanks, Mom!  You're the best!

I started my day doing what I love to do...running, obviously.  Lauretta and I hit part roads, part trails for an eleven miler, my longest run since I began training again.  We ran at a decent pace, in fact, a few of the miles were run in ~7:20 pace according to Lauretta.  My watch died about half way through so I couldn't tell.  I have to say, at about a mile and a half left, my body started to get really tired and I knew I needed some fuel.  But in the end, I was glad it was over and as always, we had great chats.  

To all the mothers out there:  Enjoy your day, do what you want to do, relax, and most importantly, spend it with those who matter most.

Have a relaxing Sunday!


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