Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Plant Planting Kind of Day

Good afternoon!

It's been a busy day so far and it all started out with a run.  I will admit...I cheated.  I was going to take at least five days off and with today being day five, I just couldn't help myself.  What could it hurt?  Since I'm going to the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday, I thought I would give it a try.  I only ran an easy three miles, but I still had the same pain in my Achilles area and it didn't feel like it got any better.  We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Today I set out to get some flowers.  I love planting plants and flowers in pots and baskets because it makes my house look so pretty.  I bought my hanging baskets yesterday so I wanted to make the rounds and pick up some herbs and other types of foliage plants.  My stop at Lowe's was relatively successful...

I bought sweet basil, purple basil, lemon thyme and sweet mint.  This year, I decided to place them in pots, rather than in my garden.

I also bought some foliage for the planter on my front porch.  It doesn't look like much now, but these babies grow huge and the pot will overflow with lush greens, reds and purples.

Finally, I love these hanging baskets.  I had the same thing on my front porch last year and they were gorgeous.  This area gets the perfect amount of sunlight vs. shade, so they will grow huge and healthy!

I always replace the plastic pots the baskets come in with these moss-lined baskets because I love the natural look.  

Of course, Willsey approved.  I just hope he stays out of my herbs!  

He looks kind of silly in the picture...

For tonight...my parents are coming over for a little Memorial Day dinner.  We are sans children this weekend so it has been extremely quiet and calm.  Have a great day!


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