Friday, May 18, 2012

Quiet Night.

Last night was quiet.  Very quiet.  The house was empty with the exception of the dog, and I enjoyed every gosh darn minute of it.  Is that bad???

After running around a bit after school, my husband set sail to watch his team play baseball.  I, on the other hand, settled in to work on my FitFluential bio, blog stuff, and my not-yet-developed Facebook page.  In other words, I had some time to dedicate towards the stuff that I don't get to work on normally due to typical weeknight family obligations.

I enjoyed a nice glass of red wine in the process...

I also met with Gerry Yasso from Via.  He stopped by to brief me on the course changes and logistics for the upcoming Lehigh Valley Health Network for Via Marathon.  This community-wide event will take place in the Lehigh Valley on the weekend of September 8 - 9, 2012.  There will be a full {Boston-certified} marathon, a half marathon, and a 5-person relay.  In case you missed my previous post about the event, take a look.  My husband and I are Leg Captains for one of the relay exchange zones and I serve on the planning committee. It's a great event for an even {greater} cause. 

Gerry even brought me a nice bottle of Italian wine since he knew I liked red. 

And for dinner?  Well, that was the $10,000 question of the night.  I decided to have this...

...stove-popped organic popcorn topped with shredded parmesan cheese and a pinch of Kosher salt.  In case you haven't heard, popcorn is filled with tons of antioxidants.  In fact, some studies say it may even have fruits and veggies beat! 

By the end of the evening I was exhausted, but I totally enjoyed my "me" time.  One more day till the weekend...make it a good one!! 


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