Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why I Run.

For today's post, I decided to answer the question, "Why Do I Run?"  Oiselle's "Why Do You Run" contest going on right now and I am planning on entering using the following Top 10 list of reasons.  Move over, Letterman! :)

10.  Camaraderie – Since becoming a member of the Oiselle racing team and starting my blog, I have come in contact with many tough and dedicated women just like me.  These athletes have the same goals, ambition and motivation and it feels so good to have the constant support, even if it is via the Internet.  

9.  Running on the go – You can go for a run anywhere…on vacation or around town.  I love experiencing new places while running because you can really get a good grasp of an area's vibe. 

8. Goals – I am a very goal-oriented person so running is the perfect way for me to test my ability and reach my potential.  When I have a goal in mind, whether it be a race or a specific time, my training and motivation all falls into place.

7.  Time commitments – In just 30 minutes, you can burn a ton of calories through one run.  For the time-constricted person, running is a great workout and often times, that is me.  The amount of time I have to fit in a daily workout is limited, so running fits my schedule.

6. To become bathing suit ready – I have to say it…part of the reason {a small part} is so that I can fit into my clothes, and more importantly, the dreaded bathing suit!

5.  Getting together with friends – Running is a time when I can chat and catch up with friends, and just have fun!

4. I feel like myself – Running brings me back to my roots and it’s partially responsible for the person I have become.  When I am running, I feel like me again and all other stresses in my life begin to disappear for a while.  It's also my time to think. 

3. Physical fitness – This one is obvious, but running keeps me in physically fit and in tip-top shape. 

2. Beats stress – Running is my all-time reducer of stress.  I admit, my anxiety levels can sometimes soar to varying heights, but running helps me keep them in check. 

1. Because I am in love with it.  Need I say more?  

So there you have it, my top ten.  I don't need ten reasons to get out the door on a daily basis, I just need number one...my love for the sport.  That, in itself, is what keeps me coming back for more.  

Enjoy your day!


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