Saturday, May 12, 2012

SV Trail Run, Some Flowers and a Relaxing Agenda

Good morning!  It's the weekend and I am ready to relax. Finally.  Fred told me that he will be doing the grocery shopping this weekend because it's Mother's Day and I'm not complaining.  Usually I enjoy my weekend trips to Wegman's, but I will gladly pass the torch on to him if he is ready and willing.  I {heart} Mother's Day for these very reasons. 

Last night, I met Jesse at the Saucon Valley rail trail for another 6 mile run.  That path is quickly becoming my favorite place to run because it's flat, scenic, wider than the canal tow path, snake-free, has bathrooms and it's gorgeous!  

We both weren't feeling up to par due to allergies so we decided to take it easy.  Apparently that didn't quite happen because we still ran a pretty decent pace.  The first three were covered in 23:26.  After a brief stretch break, we headed back in 21:47.   The weird thing was...to make it back to our starting point, we had to run 3.25 miles.  I'm not sure if my GPS was off due to the trees or what, but we still ran the same distance out and back and we decreased our time by almost a minute and a half.  Plus, our last mile was run at 6:33 pace.  I'll take it.
Obviously Jesse got the orange and black memo because we both showed up wearing the same colors.  

Yuck, it's not the best photo in the world but I guess post-run photos never are!  

Yesterday at school, my 4th grade colleague and friend {Givon} bought a few dozens of roses for all of the moms on the faculty and staff.  Every mom was encouraged to take a rose in celebration of Mother's Day.  He is so kind and his mother taught him well!

Here's my flower on my messy desk with a made-due version of a vase.  

And...later last night, Fred and I headed out to grab dinner and to enjoy some quiet time, sans children.  It was delightful to have adult conversation and a relaxed meal.  A very rare occasion!

On the agenda for today?
  • Run an easy three miles
  • Breakfast at Billy's Downtown Diner with Fred
  • Hair appointment
  • Whatever else I feel like doing.  I don't have a schedule and I love it! 
Make it a great Saturday!


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  1. Armando the SnakeMay 12, 2012 at 12:10 PM

    Long time reader, first time poster. For the record, I frequent the trail for the reasons you described. Additionally, it's a great place to catch a bite to eat (e.g. an unsuspecting rabbit), or just socialize with the locals. I was down at the creek looking for trout when you and that guy were running through. I'll make sure to stop up and say "Hi" next time you run by!