Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swimming Workout and a Diagnosis


I waited to post today for a few reasons.  First, I went over to the community center for another pool workout.  I've been cross training for a little bit in hopes that my Achilles tendonitis will heal.  If you missed the posts about my injury, you can catch two of them below:

Anyway, I hit the pool armed with my vintage Ironman.

And, once again...the pool wasn't crowded and my lane neighbor {Jim} was there too.  

I did the same workout as Saturday, however I extended the long interval in the middle from 200 yards to 400 yards, plus I got after the last lengths of each of the 75s.  It felt really good...and, NO TOE CRAMPS!!  

Here's the workout, courtesy of Jesse:

10 minute warm-up
10 x 50 yards {10 seconds rest in between each}
2 minutes rest
5 x 75 yards {45 seconds rest in between each} 
2 minutes rest
Swim for as long as possible: today -- 400 yards!
2 minutes rest
10 x 50 yards {10 seconds rest in between each}
Cool down

I am beginning to think that swimming isn't so bad!  

Later in the morning, I had a doctor appointment with a local orthopedic surgeon.  I've gone to him before since he is a runner himself, and he understands running-related injuries.  After a few x-rays and some probing, he diagnosed my issue as Achilles tendonitis {which I knew already}, but I wanted it confirmed.  

The good news is that the injury will return to normal with rest and physical therapy.  The bad news...he wants me to take off from running for 2-3 weeks.  Ugh!  That means 2-3 more weeks of swimming, biking, and cross-training.  Fortunately though, yoga is ok!  

Right now, I'm a little bummed...but I know that I am good shape and by cross-training, hopefully I will maintain my fitness levels.  The way I look at it...I will be running again by mid-June.  That's not too far away, right?  

Well, I will keep you posted on my cross-training progress.  I may go for a bike ride on Thursday {which isn't pretty}.  I am not the most coordinated person on two wheels...but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.  

Enjoy your day!


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